Thursday, September 6, 2012

LAUNCHED - GKNelson Photography

I am pleased to announce that I have launched my new website. 

GKNelson Photography

Concentrating on travel images from around the globe and my passion for colour, aerial and expedition photography. 

Go here

To check it out. 
This page will slowly change it's focus to a 'behind the scenes' blog

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Swiss Night

From the rooftop of Chalet Martin.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kimberley WhiteWater Women - Gallery

Expedition Gallery of Images

A small portion of a huge amount of imagery and footage that was collected during our time in the kimberley.
If you don't know much about the expedition, head to to find out more about why we went and what we did.
All these images are for sale - details at the bottom of the gallery. 


6. Monsoon     L.GRANT

 27. Monsoon 2     T.FAUX

 1. Croc     G.NELSON

28. Fire Sky     G.NELSON

 33. Charnley Falls 2     G.NELSON

 42. Charnley Rock     G.NELSON

24. The Sanctuary     J.WHITEROAD 

35. The Final Sunset 2     G.NELSON 

 8. Pandanus     L.GRANT

 34. The Final Sunset     G.NELSON

 4. Orb     L.GRANT

 43. The Earth 1     G.NELSON

 44. The Earth 2     G.NELSON

 45. On Top of the World     G.NELSON

 15. Cliff Camp 1     G.NELSON

 10. To Derby     G.NELSON

 41. The Paddock Storm     G.NELSON

 46. The Idell Rain     G.NELSON

 13. The Isdell Gorge     G.NELSON

 21. Yehaa     G.NELSON

 14. Cliff Camp 2     G.NELSON

 38. The Isdell 6     L.GRANT

 47. The Float     T.FAUX

 31. Isdell Falls     G.NELSON

48. The Clothes line     G.NELSON 

 2. Happy Australia Day     G.NELSON

23. Isdell 5     G.NELSON

20. Isdell 3     T.FAUX

All images for sale. 
Please contact Georgia
0414 733 680

Unframed prices and sizes                       Framed prices and sizes
4x6 = $4                                              Black or Red Wood frame
5x7 = $5                                              - Prices may vary
8x10 = 10
16x20 = $50                                         16x20 = $200
20x30 = $80                                         20x30 = $330

Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Arapiles Easter - Thanks to The Pines.

When you place two passionate photographers in the same location, lots of cameras and some ginger wine, you come up with some amazing ideas. 
During a stay at The Pines at Mt.Arapiles, a good Canadian Friend, Laura Grant, and I came up with some ridiculous ideas. Some of which have been completed below. 
Laura and I, along with 6 other women, spent a month in the Kimberley in Northern Western Australia. Prior to the expedition we were given roles that would hopefully make the expedition run like a hot knife through butter. 
For anyone who has ever completed an extended journey, you know this is not physically possible regardless of the preparation. 
But Laura and I proceeded to take a lot of the imagery during that trip. Along with Anna, Tanya, Liana, Jess, Lucy and Mer.
So when we caught up at Mt.Arapiles over the easter break, it was pretty natural for us to talk about photos and what great plans we could come up with and shots we could take. 
Being easter time, there were plenty of campers and climbers at the Pines, making it a little hub of excitement in the mornings and evenings and a quiet calm place during the day whilst people were off on their daily missions - some turning into multi days. 
Night 1 hadn't even concluded and we had already planned the rest of the weeks activities around what photos we wanted to take. Below is a small collection of what I took. Laura has hers with her back in the homeland they call Canada. 
Some great shots of those idiosyncratic tents and the people inside them. It is amazing how many people you can get to get inside their tent with their torch on just so you can take a photo. 
I would like to thank all those who co-operated on this night.
We then spent two nights out in the fields taking star trail shots, of which the film versions are still waiting to be processed. Can't wait to see those ones. 
It was definitely one of the more entertaining weeks at the rock.